How do you wrap the horses’ legs?


Using polo wraps, also called fleece bandages is beneficial as the wraps mold to the horses’ legs and provide good support. It is important that the same person wraps all four legs of the horse to ensure that the pressure of the wrap is consistent, the wrap should neither be too tight nor too loose. Learning how to wrap correctly often takes some practice. Here are our tips for wrapping in a steady and safe way:

· Dry and clean legs. Make sure the horses’ legs are dry and clean before you start wrapping. Dirt and moisture can cause chafing.

· Bandage Pads. Using bandage pads on the legs is a matter of taste. The pad can provide extra support and protection to the leg and is placed under the polo wrap. Make sure that the bandage pad is placed flat against the leg, that you are going with the fur and that the bandage pad isn’t being pulled too tightly.

· Start wrapping. Start wrapping by attaching the wrap approximately two turns at the middle of the leg. Maintain even pressure throughout wrapping and remember not to wrap too tightly. If you have to pull the bandage a little, you should do it on the front of the legs so as not to damage the tendons or the joints on the back.

· Wrap evenly all the way down to the fetlock. Make sure the finish result of the polo wrap is even and covers the entire fetlock before starting to wrap upwards again.

· Finished. When finishing the wrap, it’s important not to wrap too high up on the knee. There are both skeletal parts and several tendon attachments that are very sensitive to pressure and can be damaged if the polo wrap is placed too high up on the leg. When wrapped correctly, the velcro fastening must end on the outside of the leg with the opening towards the back of the horse's body.

· Check and ask. If you are unsure, seek the help of someone experienced in the stable who can ensure that the polo wrap is placed correctly.

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