How often should I change the saddle pad?


There is no rule for how often a saddle pad should be changed. It depends on how much the horse sweats, how dirty the saddle pad has become after the riding session and how much the horse sheds. If the saddle pad is very dirty, it risks irritating the horses’ skin which increases the risk of chafing. Therefore, it’s important to regularly replace the saddle pad when it is no longer feeling clean. 

During the summer when the horse sweats more, it may be good to change the saddle pad more often, or hang it to dry after riding to minimize the risk of chafing. During the winter months, a saddle pad typically stays clean longer if the horse does not sweat as much.

Equestrian Stockholm offers saddle pads specially made to stay fresh for a longer period of time. All of our pads in the "Sportive" category contain bamboo that have anti-bacterial and fast-absorbing properties. Other saddle pads from Equestrian Stockholm are treated with High IQ cool comfort which also has quick-drying and moisture-removing abilities.

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