How do you wash a horse blanket?


All horse blankets need to be cleaned and washed occasionally. When horses shed, extra hair can get stuck on the blanket which needs to be washed off, or the horse can have rolled in the paddock. Below we have listed a few good things to think about when washing your horse blanket. 

The most important thing to remember when washing your horse blanket is to make sure you have access to a larger and more powerful washing machine, preferably an industrial washing machine. As normal washing machines we use in homes do not typically have enough space to handle a good wash for your blanket in the best way. We also recommend that you try to wash only one blanket at a time. Please follow the advice below when washing your blanket: 

1. Try to clean the blanket in advance by, for example, vacuuming, brushing, or shaking the blanket so that it has as little horsehair on it as possible. 

2. When washing your horse blanket, do not wash it in a cycle that is too hot. The most common recommendation is to not exceed 30-40 degrees Celsius. 

3. Never use fabric softener - this can damage the fibers in the fabric of the blanket. 

We recommend that you do not tumble dry your horse blanket after washing it. For the best durability, the horse blankets should be hung to dry, for example by hanging them over a fence.

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