What do the different sizes in horse blankets mean, how do I know what size my horse is?


Finding the right size blanket for your horse can be difficult. To find the right size of blanket, you start by measuring the horse's back length - where you measure from the withers to the top of the horse's tail. Even though there may be slight differences in size depending on the manufacture, there is a general list to refer to. Sometimes the sizes are named by horse type i.e. Pony, Cob, Full and X-Full, but it is also common to describe horse blanket sizes by numbers, which corresponds to the back length. These are the most common horse blanket sizes: 

95 Cm – Shetland pony

105 Cm – A-Pony 

115 Cm – B-Pony 

125 Cm – C-Pony, Size Pony 

135 Cm - D-Pony, Size Cob 

145 Cm – Horse, Size Full 

155 Cm – Horse, Size X-Full 

For assistance when you are looking for horse blankets, please refer to our size guide. At Equestrian Stockholm we offer blankets from size Pony to size X-Full. See our collection of exclusive horse blankets here.

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