What is the difference between riding breeches, compression breeches and tights?


Riding breeches compared to Riding tights:

While the riding breeches are made of a firmer material that feels stiffer and more compact and also holds its own shape, the riding tights provide freer movement and do not have as many seams, nor any buttons or a zipper at the fly. Both the riding tights and riding pants have a comfortable 4-way stretch. 

The tights gives a more casual and sporty look whiles the breeches gives a more dressed look. Both are great options depending on when you want to wear them and what you prefer.

Riding breeches compared to Compression breeches:

The compression breeches are quite similar to the classic riding breeches due to they give the same dressed up look. But comparing the material they are more soft and stretchy but they still has the same compact feeling and will hold it's own shape more as the classic riding breeches does.

The compression breeches also gives a more cooling affect due it's softness of the material compared to the Riding breeches that gives a more warmer feeling.

Compression breeches compared to Riding tights:

Both the Compression breeches and Riding tights has the same softness to their material and both are best to wear on warmer days due to they have thinner material compared to the Riding breeches. Both options are great if you want to feel comfortable and have freer movement.

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