Why do you use breeches?


What are breeches and why do you use them? 

If you are new to equestrian sports and are thinking about which garment to invest in, a pair of riding breeches is essential. Riding Breeches are specially designed to allow the rider to perform at their very best in the saddle. There are many advantages to using breeches compared to a pair of jeans or regular pants:

· Freedom of movement. The stretch in the breeches enables more flexible movement on the horses’ back.

· Minimizes chafing. The seams on the breeches are placed so that they minimize the risk of chafing.

· Convenience and function. The tighter model of the riding breeches prevents the appearance of creases and minimizes the risk of chafing and makes it comfortable to wear riding boots.

· Grip. Riding breeches are often equipped with a shod or grip that provides more stability in the saddle.

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