How does it work when I return a product paid by gift card?


If you wish to make a return and you have paid with a gift card, then we will reimburse your gift card with the amount of your returned item/items. As soon as your return has been registered you will receive a notification via email with the total reimbursement and your gift card's unique code. Please notice that we do not reimburse shipping costs.

If you have paid more than the value of your gift card, we will refund the remaining amount in the same way you chose to pay.
For example, if you have a gift card with a value of 200€ and your total order is 800€ and you decide to return the entire order you will receive 200€ in reimbursement on the gift card and the remaining 600€ (minus shipping) will be refunded to your account.

The next time you wish to use your gift card you will use the same code as you did the first time.

If you are unsure about the gift cards value, you are more than welcome to contact our costumer service team and they will help you!

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